What luck? It's rained on nearly every Saturday in Seattle since the start of April

Bet this was on a Saturday...

SEATTLE -- The first day of the week is called "Sunday" but perhaps the final day of the week should change its name from "Saturday" to "Rainday"?

At least in Seattle, it might not be a bad idea.

Believe it or not, it has rained at some point on 11 of the past 13 Saturdays in Seattle!

Granted, some of the Saturday's rainfall episodes have been brief -- on Saturday June 16th, it rained for 11 minutes from a wayward shower amid a reasonably sunny and 78 degree day. Even this past Saturday, it only rained for 10 minutes - but enough to measure 0.01" and count it as an official rainy day.

But nine of those past 13 weekends have had measurable rain -- enough to at least wet the ground, then.

What's even more puzzling is that while Saturday has been picked on, it's not like the other weekend days have had much of a reprieve. It's rained on 9 the past 13 Fridays, and 8 of the past 13 Sundays.

But those workweeks when most of us are stuck indoors?

Monday.... 3. Tuesday and Wednesday: 4. Thursday? 5.

Why would the weekends be picked on?

Coincidence. Or, call it dumb luck. Or probably more officially: A statistical anomaly. The weekend numbers were better in the winter.

The good news is for those who want their Saturdays totally rain-free: We are entering the heart of the dry summer season and rainfall isn't really expected on any day of the week for at least the next two weeks.

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