WATCH: Stars, galaxy show off in gorgeous time lapse videos shot by local photographers

    Milky Way as seen from the fire lookout at Mt. Fremont (Photo: Trisha Smith Photography)

    SEATTLE -- Now that summer is in full force and the skies are clear on most days and nights, local photographers have had great conditions to get some incredible videos.

    Let's start in the night skies, where the Milky Way Galaxy has been one of the "stars" of the show. Sigma Sreedharan was out last month and captured star trails from near both Mt. Rainier:

    and down the state a bit at Mt. St. Helens:

    Back near Mt. Rainier Trisha Smith with Trisha Smith Photography found the fog made for its own dances amid the stars, as seen near the Mt. Fremont fire lookout.

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