Watch: Gentle snow-covered river shines under the moonlight

Even in the darkness of night, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest can shine bright.

Meg McDonald with Wild Northwest Beauty Photography headed up to the Cascades and found this tranquil, snow-covered mountain river valley in the Cascades and braved 15-degree weather to spend several hours getting this amazing time lapse video.

The light? It's not the sun -- it was the moon! You don't really think of moonlight shadows, but it makes for a dramatic scene when the moon goes behind the mountain.

"The best part of a clear winter night is watching the gleam and shadows of the moon play over a beautiful snowy landscape as the stars spin across the sky," McDonald said. "You can even see the pale winter Milky Way sweep across the mountains in the second half of this video, which was time lapsed with two cameras running simultaneously in our (very cold) Cascade Mountains. It’s not easy to head out into icy conditions, but capturing night sky beauty like this makes the hard work worthwhile."

It's the second snow-covered moonlit movie she's made this winter. She also headed up to near Mt. Shuksan to get this moonrise on Christmas:

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