Photographer captures stunning pic of double-reflection rainbow off Hood Canal

A double rainbow -- and double reflection bow spotted along Hood Canal near Hoodsport. Photo: Doyle Beekley)

SEATTLE -- A lot of Husky fans are excited about the team's Pac-12 Championship and upcoming berth in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. Could Mother Nature be among them?

Doyle Beekley captured this incredible photo of a double rainbow near Hoodsport Saturday with a twist -- added reflection bows! He titled it "Huskies Rainbow" as the four bows appear to make a "W".

The traditional double arc rainbow was created from the usual raindrops plus sun angle combination.

But the angled rainbow that seems to diagonally connect the double rainbow is caused by the reflection of the rainbow off the Hood Canal waters-- and this is one of the better photographed examples I've seen!

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You can see on this zoomed in photo how the odd-angled rainbow is just a reflection off the water.

Had Hood Canal been dry land there, that extra rainbow would not be there.

In fact, it appears it's a double-reflection rainbow as there is a faint reflection of the second rainbow from the primary double rainbow event.

So cool!

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