Teens here, below zero in Eastern Washington: Just how cold was it Wednesday night?

We're getting to be rather familiar with cold weather these past four weeks or so, but Wednesday night and Thursday morning took the cake as some of the coldest temperatures of the season settled into the Pacific Northwest.

Teens were common in Western Washington, while Eastern Washington dipped below zero in spots!

The thermometer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord registered the coldest low temp in Western Washington among official sites at 10 degrees. Olympia dipped to 12, while it was 16 in Bremerton and Bellingham, 18 in Renton, 19 at Seattle's Boeing Field, and 21 at Sea-Tac Airport and Everett. Believe it or not, some of the region was colder this morning than Fairbanks which "only" dropped to 16 Thursday morning.

In Eastern Washington, minus signs were common among the lows: -8 in Pasco, -4 in Moses Lake, -2 in Yakima, -3 in Spokane, -5 in Pullman -- and a whopping -19 degree reading in Deer Park. To compare: Minneapolis was only -7 this morning.

Temperatures were in the teens to low 20s in Western Oregon too, but Eastern Oregon had even colder lows, dropping to -14 in Redmond, -11 in Bend -- and -28 in Meacham.

The hard freezes have made for some gorgeous sights around the area:

This was the last of the super cold days. Some clouds moving in Thursday night will keep lows more in the 20s in Western Washington, with more moderating air coming in over the weekend to get us back into the 40s/30s for highs/lows.

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