Snoqualmie Pass breaks all-time record for snowiest day

    53" of snow fall in 48 hours at Snoqualmie Pass! (Photos courtesy: Summit at Snoqualmie \ @Summtsnow411)

    SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. -- Snoqualmie Pass received more snow Tuesday than had ever been recorded in a single day!

    The pass received 31.5 inches of snow, breaking the old record for 24-hour snow of 30.7 inches, set on Feb. 20, 1975.

    But that's just the tip of the icebergs (which we're sure would be floating by any nearby waterways). The pass received 68 inches over the three day period from Sunday through Tuesday -- and an incredible 80 inches (nearly 7 feet!) over the 5 day period from Friday through Tuesday. And it hasn't really let up -- the pass reported an additional 16 inches on Wednesday and Thursday. That makes a full 8 feet of snow in a week!

    The pass now has 242 inches of seasonal snow reported with a 100 inch base - a base that had just 58 inches Friday.

    It's so much snow, it actually prompted the Snoqualmie Ski resort to proclaim "It feels wrong to say it, but we may have gotten too much snow."

    Plenty more snow remains in the forecast as the cold snap shows no signs of abating.

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