Seem hot? You bet: July was hottest one on record in Seattle

    What a way to spend a hot July day at Alki Beach! (Photo: Cindy A. Reynolds)<p>{/p}

    Much of the past month may have been uncomfortably hot for most Seattleites, especially those without air conditioning. But at least now you'll have something to brag about to future Seattleites much in the way grandpa always mumbled about waking in snow barefoot uphill both ways: You just made it through the hottest July on record in Seattle, at least by average high temperature.

    One the temperature hit 74 degrees Tuesday, Seattle clinched an average high temperature this month of at least 82.7 degrees in July, besting 2015's record of 82.6 degrees. That includes Downtown Federal Building records that go back to the late 1800s. It's actually the second-hottest month overall, only coming in behind August 1967's 83.7 degree average high.

    By average temperature (factoring in the lows and the highs), 2015 will retain its crown at 71.2 degrees, but 2018 was a solid second at 70.7 degrees (as of mid afternoon Tuesday).

    It wasn't so much the intensity of the heat than the duration that toppled the monthly records. Seattle's peak temp of the month was 94 on July 29th and only set one new record high (93 on July 15th) and tied another (92 on July 26th). But we did tie the record for consecutive days at 85 or warmer at 9 from July 22-30, matching two other streaks in August of 1977 and August of 1967. But in another first, we also had a week-long 85+ streak earlier in the month -- the first time a month -- or a year -- has had two week-plus long streaks of 85+ degrees.

    July also notched 7 days at 90 or hotter -- tied with 1958 for second-most in July and behind 2015's amazing 10 90s. Four of those 90s came in a row, narrowly missing the record stretch of 5 set in 2015 and 1981.

    Not just hot, but dry....

    We also notched a rainfall record -- or lack thereof -- amid this hot stretch. The National Weather Service says at 0.80", this will be the driest May-July stretch on record, beating the paltry 0.90" received during that period in 2015.

    July itself and its paltry 0.05" of rain will go down as the 6th driest on record, behind 4 months that only managed a trace and one month that had 0.01".

    Done with the heat and dry? Good news. The long range forecasts are suggesting a much cooler start to August with even the super long range models toying with the idea of actual rain as we get into the middle of next week.

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