Seattle's first half of May checks in warmer than parts of Los Angeles

    A sunny, hot day in Seattle that would eventually reach 88 degrees. (Photo: KOMO News)

    April might have been among the wettest on record in Seattle, but boy did Mother Nature flip a switch when the calendar turned to May!

    It's been a rather pleasant month, with a majority of the days dry and temperate highs in the 60s and 70s. But the "heat wave" of the past few days when we went well into the 80s has brought our month into some rather lofty company.

    The average high so far through May 14 in Seattle is now a comfortable 71.8 degrees. To compare, Los Angeles' average high has been nearly the same. LAX Airport, near the water, has an average high of 68.8 but Downtown Los Angeles, which is usually considerably warmer, has an average high of 73.6. Average the two together and you get 71.1 degrees. Call it a wash. Seattle has been warmer than Oakland as well.

    It's also been quite dry, with the city just netting 0.08 inches through the first fortnight of the month. The weather pattern looks to remain generally dry over the next 7-14 days although some light showers are lurking in the distant long range on some of the forecast models. IF Seattle holds at 0.08 inches, it would be the driest May on record, but with 17 days left on the clock, it would seem unlikely to stay that dry. But it is looking like May will reverse the script and finish warmer and drier than normal, after an April that was anything but!

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