Seattle reaches annual quota for rainfall, with 6 rainy weeks left in the year

Rain splatters the lens of KOMO's Queen Anne Tower camera on Nov. 13, 2016.

You know it's been raining quite a bit when it gets to be classified as "a lot" -- even by Seattle's web-footed standards.

As the latest storm rolled through the Puget Sound region Sunday into Monday, enough raindrops fell Sunday evening around 7:30 p.m. to push Seattle's annual rainfall tally to 37.50 inches -- just past our annual average rainfall of 37.49 inches.

Yep, we've hit our annual quota with some of the statistically wettest weeks of the year still to come. Seattle has already tacked on another couple tenths of an inch for good measure as the rains continued into Monday morning.

This will make the third consecutive year Seattle has had above normal annual rainfall and four of the past five. If Seattle gets its average rainfall the rest of the year - a little over 9 inches -- we'd have close to 47 inches for the year. That's a bit more than last year, and just a little short of 2014's rainfall (48.50")

It's also the 139th day with measurable rain this year, coming up fast on our annual total of 154 days with 46 days still left in the year.

Considering the recent rain trends -- it's rained on 34 of the past 45 days -- getting another 15 out of 46 should be easily attainable.

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