More snow than Buffalo?!? Spokane can stake a claim to Snow City, USA this year

Scott's Note: This blog was updated Thursday to include new snowfall that fell in Spokane on March 7 and to add in other cities to the list, including a few in New York that did top Spokane.

Ask your friend which larger city in the Lower 48 has the most snow this year and more than likely the answer will be among the winter stalwarts: Buffalo. Minneapolis. Maybe Boston or Salt Lake City.

But there's a city right here in the Pacific Northwest that tops them all: Spokane, Washington.

It's a testament to both that the Northwest has finally had a cool winter after a string of mild ones, and that the rest of the nation has been in a bit of a snow slump.

Through March 7, Spokane has received 60.6 inches of snow -- more than Buffalo (48.2"). More than Boston (36.4"). Even more than Minneapolis!

In fact, among many larger cities with more than around 150,000 people, Spokane is among the tops. (Note: The original blog had Spokane at the top of larger cities, but Upstate New York chimed in with a few that are indeed ahead of Spokane)

Here's a chart of the larger and mid-sized cities that I checked across the North (Updated Thursday:)

(* Snowfall through March 7, 2017.)

What's even more amazing is that 60.6 inches isn't all that unheard of in Spokane. It's currently tied for just 27th snowiest on record since 1892. Yet this year, it's near the top of the chart!

It even seems Spokane knew its competition. On Tuesday, Spokane sat 2.6" short of Duluth, Minnesota. No problem -- another 4.2 inches fell in Spokane Wednesday to pass them. I didn't count it as a large enough city, but if Spokane wants to aim even higher, they're not too far behind International Falls, MN at 63.6 inches. And the way this winter has gone, I have to think Portland could still be in its sights!

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