Live camera lets you watch the Northern Lights over Iceland in real time

    A Northern Lights display on Sept. 4, 2018 as seen in Iceland. (Photo: Live Aurora Network)

    Getting the needed combination of a solar storm strong enough to see the Northern Lights this far south and clear skies is quite the rare combination -- maybe once or twice a year at best.

    But now you can watch the Northern Lights from home from a place that gets the aurora shows a bit more frequently: Iceland.

    Live Aurora Network has set up four cameras that watch the heavens each night now. Iceland is 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time, so the best time to watch the feed would be around 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Seattle time, although that time will expand as nights get longer.

    Here is a show from Sept 4:

    The company says their cameras can detect when there is even just the faintest of aurora and will send out alerts to their followers in Iceland where the Northern Lights are visible.

    "Our cutting edge technology will filter through all of the live feeds provided by our cameras, detecting the strength of the Aurora and potential duration of the show, whilst also being linked to magnetometers that are located next to each camera, to help gather valuable scientific data that up to now has not been possible," the company wrote.

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