Frigid Minnesota weather makes for surreal foggy scene on Lake Superior

We've all seen foggy weather, but it outdid itself in Minnesota this week.

Levi Drevlow of Duluth posted this amazing video on his Instagram page showing what appears to be billowing smoke on Lake Superior -- it's a phenomenon some call "sea smoke" but it's more like "sea steam" or "sea fog". Drevlow says it was -16F at the time Sunday morning but the water temperature was a relatively balmy 40 degrees .

That "warm" water warms the air near the water's surface, which then rapidly cools when some of that -16 degree air blows in off the land. That cooling process crashes the temperature back to the point of saturation and creates fog.

Add in a sunrise for some color and you've got one amazing video!

But it doesn't have to be 16 below zero for sea smoke. We actually had a bit of it around here when it was cold last week and temperatures were just in the 20s!

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