Astronauts get close up photo of sunset as seen from space

Photo: NASA

Sunsets are a nightly treat for us, but imagine if you got to see it 16 times a day?

That's what the astronauts on board the International Space Station get to see each day, as their orbit positions them to see Earth's horizon every 90 minutes.

This particular sunset shot was taken October 27th using a 240 mm lens while they were over the southern Atlantic Ocean, according to NASA.

"Thin layers of lighter and darker blues reveal the many layers of the atmosphere. The lowest layer—the orange-brown line with clouds and dust and smoke—is known to scientists as the troposphere, the layer of weather as we experience it. It is the smoke and particles of dust in the atmosphere that give the strong red color to sunsets," NASA officials wrote. "Notice how thin (orange layer) the Earth’s atmosphere is: ~ 10-15 miles thin depending on where you are."

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