It can happen here: Dec. 12, 1969 an F3 tornado touched down in Kent

    Photo of an F3 tornado touching down in Kent on Dec 12, 1969. (Courtesy: YouNews contributor Daaave)

    Wind and rain storms are no stranger to mid-December, but what about strong tornadoes?

    They're incredibly rare, but not so on Dec. 12, 1969, when an F3 tornado touched down in Kent.

    Despite the intense storm, only one person was hurt and no one was killed.

    "I remember the Kent tornado quite well," Carolyn Walden said during an interview for my blog in 2013. "I watched it from near where your photo (above) was taken (I worked at the Boeing Space Center down on West Valley Highway). It came in a northeast direction from near what was at least then called Midway, up on Kent's West Hill, where my then-husband worked.

    "The only real damage I remember was a billboard and a farm house (or one of its sheds or other outbuildings) right next to the Green River on the west side of the bridge that crossed the river on Kent-Des Moines Road (Hwy 516)... it was scary!"

    Overall, only five tornadoes have touched down in King County since records have been kept since 1880 -- three of them in the 1960s! The first ever recorded tornado in the Seattle area struck the Sand Point neighborhood on Sept. 28, 1962 (just a few weeks before the great Columbus Day Storm). Its wind speeds were clocked at 100 mph and was rated as an F1 tornado on the Fujita scale.

    According to, the tornado damaged eight homes in Sand Point/View Ridge, then it turned into a waterspout as it crossed Lake Washington. The twister went all the way across the lake (what a sight that would have been had the 520 Bridge been built yet (1963)) and then made landfall again in the Juanita area of Kirkland, damaging more homes and toppling dozens of trees.

    (In fact, there's an interesting anecdote on that Historylink summary that one person quoted in a Seattle P-I article back then as witnessing the tornado and experiencing damage at their Juanita home was Mary Gates -- the mother of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who was 7 at the time.)

    If we expand out to Snohomish and Pierce Counties, there have been quite a few more: Snohomish County has had 7 tornadoes, all since 1970 -- 2 F2s, 2 F1s and the rest F0s.

    MORE | History of tornadoes in Washington

    Pierce County has had nine tornadoes since 1978 -- the most recent on Jan. 18, 2015 near Gig Harbor. Statewide, Washington averages about two tornadoes a year, most in the weak F0 to F1 category. That average recently was declared up from one a year -- most likely helped by our 1997 season that had a record 14 tornadoes.

    Not just tornadoes: Dec. 12 is a busy day in Seattle history!

    Then in 1995, what looked like it could have been the champ of all wind storms to strike the Pacific Northwest, dethroning the Columbus Day Storm, came ashore. An intense low pressure center deepened as it approached the coast to an amazing 954 millibars -- among the lowest center pressure readings of a storm near the Northwest coastline.

    The storm would go on to set the record for lowest sea level pressure recorded in Seattle at 28.65 inches (I remember having to remind Steve Pool to read the current pressure during the newscasts as "28-point (number)" and not "29-point" -- never had to read a "28" pressure reading before! We even changed the pressure text color to yellow on the current conditions page).

    And while it did do some damage around the region, we were actually spared the worst as the storm stayed slightly farther offshore keeping the strongest winds away from Oregon, according to noted windstorm researcher Wolf Read. And while it made a classic track into Northwestern Washington, Read said the storm center ended up being a bit more broad than anticipated, which eased some of the pressure differences.

    As you'd expect there are some decent cold snaps in history on this date too:

    Check out the scene three days later:

    Luckily, no tornadoes, frozen Green Lakes or 28.65" windstorms in the offing this December!

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