1st half of November goes down as warmest ever in Seattle

A mostly sunny and mild day on the University of Washington campus on Nov. 10, 2016. (Photo: KOMO News)

November is supposed to be the "Super Bowl" of Seattle weather -- as in the time of year that's typically the stormiest, the meteorologists are the busiest, and the weather itself is the newsiest. (I guess that's a word?)

While it's failing a bit on the first two -- while rainfall has been about on par with what we expect, and it hasn't been all that sunny, it also hasn't been all that stormy either -- it is making a mark in the "newsiest" category.

November just obliterated its record for warmest first half on record. So far through the 15th, the month is 7.3 degrees above normal by average temperature. The 60.4 average high, 48.5 average low, and 54.5 degree average overall temperature are all records. Previous records were 59.0 (1970), 47.9 (1989) and 53.1 (1899), respectively.

And if that delta holds, it would be shatter the record or warmest November on record, which currently is +4.0 degrees above the average (49.4 in Nov. 1965 and 1949; normal is 45.4).

We took a small step toward not doing that as we began the second half of the month Wednesday, which had a high of 50 and low of 44. Some coolish-air will hang around through the end of the week but we warm up again this weekend with a milder, wetter pattern returning and holding into next week.

The warm air has been due to persistently mild southerly-to-southwesterly flow over the region as we've had frequent bouts of large low pressure centers park well offshore. It's been in a position to where storms rotate around the big low into our region, keeping us wet, but angling them from a warmer southerly direction.

Hopefully once La Nina gets going, we'll cool things off as we head into December and early next year. Long range forecasts are still leaning for a cooler than normal mid-to-late winter and into early spring.

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