Coca-Cola driver gets caught hauling 'moonshine' across Deception Pass Bridge

Full Harvest Moon appears atop a Coca-Cola semi truck driving across the Deception Pass Bridge in Anacortes, Wash. on Sept. 25, 2018. (Photo: Rakan Alduaij Photography)

ANACORTES, Wash. -- "It's not what you think, officer!"

Photographer Rakan Alduaij was out snapping photos by the Deception Pass Bridge as the Harvest Full Moon began to set over Anacortes Tuesday morning, when the perfect photo opportunity presented itself.

"Coca-cola truck cameo for the win," he wrote. Indeed. Could almost say the driver has hauling moonshine in addition to the soda...

UPDATE! Rakan wasn't the only photographer there! Fellow KOMO Legion of Zoom photographer Brad Stedenfeld was just a bit up the beach to the north and snapped a similar photo as the truck was earlier on the bridge:

This full moon is called the Harvest Moon because it's the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, provided it doesn't get carried away!

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