Why does the Ballard Bridge open during rush hour?

    Our new driving you crazy question is over the drawspan opening of the Ballard Bridge during peak hours.

    Paul writes, "Raising the Ballard Bridge numerous times a day ... sometimes, twice in half an hour, perhaps in accordance with the law, but not with the spirit of the law. I have, however, seen an emergency vehicle have to wait. How is this fair?"

    Seattle Department of Transportation says they must comply with the Coast Guard permit, which is federal law. Under the permit, they must open for all requests before 4 p.m. and after 6 p.m. Even if a vessel requests to cross through at 3:59 p.m. or 6:01 p.m. - they will receive an opening.

    The City of Seattle is aware of the frustration and delays it causes drivers not only at the Ballard Bridge, but the Fremont and University Bridges too.

    In response, SDOT is considering a petition to the Coast Guard to change to the current restrictions. Before filing the petition, the agency is seeking public feedback from now through Sept. 30.

    Send those comments to Shipcanalbridgeopenings@seattle.gov.

    Let me know me know what's driving you crazy, send KOMO your questions to driving@komonews.com

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