Think Seattle's James Street is bumpy? Get used to it

Potholes are making James Street a bumpy ride.

SEATTLE -- No one likes driving down a bumpy street.

But one KOMO viewer says James Street has gone way beyond bumpy.

"When in the world are they going to page or repair James Street?" viewer Jason Taylor writes. "There are more bumps that a ski-mogul course, and my kidneys are taking a beating when driving down it."

He said James Street is at its worst between Fifth Avenue and Boren Avenue.

The Seattle Transportation Department doesn't have much good news for Taylor or his kidneys.

A department spokesman says crews do fill potholes and make spot repairs to keep traffic moving.

James Street has 21,000 cars that use it a day, so that's the cause for its deterioration.

But the city doesn't have the cash for a long term resurfacing fix.

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