Potholes, cracks riddle sections of East Marginal Way S.


SEATTLE -- More than 30,000 people commute on a busy Seattle street riddled with gaps and potholes, and it's driving one KOMO viewer crazy.

There are cracks, bumps and potholes on East Marginal Way South in certain sections of the road south of the federal building.

Jeni Kaelin uses East Marginal every day and is fed up. She wants to know why it's not being fixed.

She writes, "It's scary, honestly. I have a Honda Civic and if you're not careful I worry that my car will be damaged."

Our KOMO News cameras noticed the largest cracks near the railroad tracks in the SODO District.

The Seattle Department of Transportation says more than 38,000 people, including freight and buses, drive along East Marginal.

SDOT and Union Pacific Railroad share the maintenance responsibility.

Union Pacific is responsible for repairing up to one foot of the roadway from the edge of the rails.

A Union Pacific Rep says a repair project is slated for this year, but a date has not been set yet. They'll be working with the City when it is.

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