Morgan CheskyAnchor/Reporter

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Morgan Chesky is an award winning journalist who joined the KOMO News team in February 2016 after covering stories drawing national attention from his native state of Texas.

Before coming to Washington, Morgan covered the blizzards, tornadoes, and yes, even earthquakes of Oklahoma. On May 20, 2013 Morgan arrived in Moore, Oklahoma minutes after an EF-5 tornado ripped through town. As one of the first reporters live from the storm’s devastation Morgan helped reunite parents with children whose elementary school took a direct hit. His interviews with families were shared across the nation, putting faces on the thousands affected.

In 2009, during his time anchoring and reporting in Texas, he traveled to Fort Hood where he witnessed the tragic aftermath of its mass shooting. Over the ensuing days, his stories gave a glimpse into the lives of the resilient, yet heartbroken soldiers of the tight knit military community.

One of his most memorable career moments came just weeks after starting at KOMO. Morgan landed a spot on the Alaska Airlines flight redirected to perfectly intersect a solar eclipse over the Pacific Ocean. That night from Honolulu, he shared the first images of a total eclipse captured at 37,000 feet. If you know of other stories that lead to pristine beaches & Mai Tai’s, he’s all ears.