Thief steals $20k 'Magic' collection from Seahawk player; maker helps replace much of it

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RENTON, Wash. - Cassius Marsh just wants his Magic back.

The Seahawks linebacker had more than $20,000 of Magic: The Gathering cards stolen from his car, he said. Someone broke into his Land Rover LR4 outside south Seattle nightclub Aston Manor Tuesday night, making off with a backpack containing the card collection he's had since he was a kid.

Behind the scenes, Marsh's message reached some wizards pretty quickly.

"When a Seahawk has their stuff stolen, that means that your boss' boss' boss wants to make sure that you're taking care of them," said Alison Luhrs, community manager at Wizards of the Coast, which produces Magic and other games, "We send out product to people who've had their stuff stolen, who are in the hospital. We like to take care of our fans."

"One of the things I love about is the Magic community is a really giving community," said Mark Rosewater, head designer. "Whenever somebody posts anything where they have trouble, the community jumps in."

By Thursday morning, Marsh, Rosewater, and other Magic employees had assembled a giant box of gear for Marsh. Inside were play mats, two Commander decks, and vintage products, along with two handwritten notes.

One was from employee Tony Pagliocco, who had included some items from his personal Magic collection in the box for Marsh.

"When my daughter was in the hospital -- she was in Seattle Children's for a long time -- she had an accident that paralyzed her," Pagliocco said. "The Seahawks came out in force for her. Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas came by, really lifted her spirits and inspired her. I wanted to take the opportunity to give back to the Seahawks the way they did for me."

After practice Thursday, Pagliocco and Luhrs presented the box of goodies to Marsh. The group posed for pictures, shared stories and equal admiration for each other's work.

"I really love you. I've been playing since I was, like, 11 and that collection meant a lot more to me than just the money. It's just so awesome of you guys," Marsh said.

"We love you right back," Luhrs replied.

"I appreciate it," Marsh responded. "That's so awesome."

Marsh said he would still like to get his original collection back, but remains grateful for the help of all the fans -- both Seahawks and Magic ones.

"I just want to take the time to thank the whole Magic community. Everybody's been amazing -- reaching out to me, trying to find my collection," he said, "and, you know, trying to help me out in any way they can."

"From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate it," he continued, "so thank you."

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