Facing sexual harassment suit, Warren Moon takes leave from broadcasting

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SEATTLE -- Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is being sued for sexual harassment by a former executive assistant at a sports marketing company who said the football star demanded that she submit "to a variety of unnerving and perverse controlling arrangements."

Moon, who is also a radio commentator for the Seattle Seahawks, requested a leave of absence Wednesday as the club's radio analyst, according to a tweet from a Seahawks spokesperson.

In a lawsuit filed this week in Orange County, Calif., Wendy Haskell, who worked for Moon's Sports 1 Marketing Corp. starting in July, said Moon required her to share his bed in hotel rooms and required that she leave the bathroom unlocked when she showered. She contends Moon went into the bathroom each time she showered.

The lawsuit says Moon required Haskell to wear thong lingerie bottoms in bed and that she provide photos of her outfits for prior approval before any public events.

On a trip to Seattle, the lawsuit says, Moon grabbed her crotch while she slept. The lawsuit said she pushed his hand away, but that she spent the rest of the night with his hand on her buttocks.

On a trip to Mexico, Haskell says in the lawsuit, Moon acknowledged that he slipped a drug in her drink and later pulled her swimsuit off on the beach.

She said she complained about the behavior and contends that she was ultimately demoted and had her pay cut.

The Seattle Seahawks tweeted the following statement Wednesday:

Moon's attorney, Daniel F. Fears, issued a statement Thursday.

“Warren Moon has yet to be served with the lawsuit filed by Wendy Haskell, but he is aware of the claims contained in it. Mr. Moon denies the claims by Ms. Haskell. Mr. Moon contends these claims are meritless, and he has every intention to vigorously defend himself in court.

“Mr. Moon recognizes that his duties as a commentator on the Seattle Seahawks radio network will be impacted as he defends himself against these claims, and he has requested a temporary leave of absence from his duties with the Seahawks, which has been granted.”

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