Ex-Seahawk Jeremy Lane gets suspended sentence in DUI case

Former Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane was sentenced to 364 suspended days in jail and two days of work crew May 4 after pleading guilty to reckless driving in March. A state trooper pulled him over in January on Interstate 90 and determined he was intoxicated by a combination of marijuana and alcohol. (Photo: Lynsi Burton/SeattlePI)

REDMOND, Wash. -- Former Seattle Seahakws cornerback Jeremy Lane was sentenced to 364 suspended days in jail Friday afternoon from a January DUI case in which a state trooper pulled him over on Interstate 90.

Lane, 27, pleaded guilty in March to reckless driving and will avoid going to jail on the condition he completes either 20 hours of community service or two days of work crew.

His attorney, Jon Fox, indicated Lane would opt for work crew.

Lane's blood exceeded the legal level of THC from marijuana allowed to drive in Washington, according to a report from the state crime lab. His results showed 7.6 nanograms per milliliter, compared to the limit of 5 nanograms. His alcohol level was tested to be less than the legal limit at 0.02, but troopers arrested him for impairment from a mix of marijuana and alcohol.

"This time I was more high than anything," Lane allegedly said to the trooper after his arrest.

Lane claimed he was headed home because his home security system alarm activated when he was pulled over about 2:21 a.m. January 14 on eastbound I-90 and Island Crest Way, just east of Seattle on Mercer Island.

A trooper on patrol claimed to clock Lane's speed at 80 mph as he traveled in his Dodge Charger, according to the incident report. The trooper also alleged his car drifted in and out of lanes.

Upon pulling Lane over, the trooper smelled a "strong odor" of marijuana emanating from the vehicle, he wrote. He also said his speech was slurred and his eyes bloodshot and watery.

Lane claimed he didn't drink that night and smoked marijuana three hours earlier.

The trooper conducted a series of field sobriety tests, which indicated Lane appeared intoxicated, court records say.

When the trooper asked Lane whether he had any disabilities or injuries, he noted his broken arm. The trooper asked him when he broke his arm and Lane replied, "The Super Bowl."

Lane famously broke his arm in 2015's Super Bowl XLIX after intercepting a pass by the New England Patriots' Tom Brady in the end zone.

The trooper arrested Lane and he was charged March 12 with DUI. He pleaded guilty March 26 to reckless driving.

Lane had already completed several of his requirements for his sentence before Friday's hearing at King County District Court in Redmond.

"I'm very confident he will not be in this situation again," his attorney, Jon Fox, told Judge Michael Finkle.

Lane himself apologized for the incident.

"I learned a lot through this situation and I'm pretty sure it will never happen to me again," he said.

Lane is a free agent. The Seahawks traded him Oct. 30 to the Houston Texans, but he failed his physical. The team released him March 9 along with Richard Sherman.

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