Surprisingly Affordable Shipwreck Coins


While shipwreck coins are not for every collector, they hold a special place for many. Not matter which era or region the coins hail from; they are pieces of history and remnants of the past. Some treasure seekers have recovered coins from shipwrecks that are considerably well intact. Others barely display the designs they once brilliantly boasted. Regardless of their intact or diminished beauty, they hold a story only they can tell which can contribute to their sometimes-alarming price tags. Fortunately, there are still pieces of a time long ago that fit every budget.

1700 Mexico City 8 Reales

Average Price - $226.00

This silver Mexico City 8 Reales was a traditional form of currency during the reign of Prince Philip. Not only did Spain use the currency on a consistent basis but the country’s abundant colonies in the New World did as well.

1666 Italian States Luigino

Average Price - $237.00

The Mediterranean is known for shipwrecks almost as much as the Caribbean. Sometime between 1666-1667 a shipwrecked off the coast of Sicily. The ship’s cargo consisted of Mexican Cob and Italian State coins. Why was the ship carrying both types of currency? Only the coins may know.

1800 Santa Leocadia 8 Reales

Average Price - $109.00 In 1800, the Spanish war galleon, Santa Leocadia wrecked off the coast of Ecuador. Amongst her crew and precious cargo, the Santa Leocadia carried over 2 million pesos while on her voyage from Peru to Panama. The coins recovered from this shipwreck consist of gold and silver.

Though the aquatic life has been kinder to some than others, these coins still offer what others can not- a tale from the depths below. The reasonable prices on the coins listed above provide collectors with a range of budgets the chance to own a little piece of mysterious history.

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