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The Underlying Differences Between Mechanical And Quartz Watches

Mechanical and quartz watches may have similarities, but underneath their well-designed faces are striking differences.

The holiday season gives us another reason to shower our loved ones in plenty of gifts, whether they are the extravagant ones or the understated, they are cherished and appreciated. One such gift that lasts a lifetime is the gift of time in the form of a watch. Mechanical watches and quartz watches may have similarities but underneath their well-designed faces are striking differences.

How Do They Work?

The biggest difference between mechanical and quartz watches, besides price, is what makes them tick. If one were to open their watch, they would discover either a complicated set of gears and springs working in succession to form kinetic energy, or they would find a battery and far fewer gears. If well maintained, both are excellent timekeepers.

The difference of operation for each type of watch can be seen on the exterior. As the second's hand move along the face, one will notice the mechanical watch boasts a “sweeping” motion while the quartz watch has a slightly delayed “tick.” The sweeping motion of the mechanical watch can be attributed to the mini machine of gears and springs working diligently inside.

What Is The Maintenance Like For Each Type?

The maintenance for a mechanical watch is vastly different from that of the maintenance for a quartz watch. Mechanical watches require service every 4-5 years to assure the watches and springs are working as they should and keeping accurate time. A quartz watch requires service when the battery is in need of changing or if the owner notices that time is no longer accurate.

Why Is One More Expensive Than The Other?

Mechanical watches tend to be more expensive when compared to a quartz watch. The reason for this is because of the craftsmanship and materials used when making these heirlooms. Especially when considering luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe. Additionally, quartz watches are mass-produced and more often than not use products that are easily made and therefore acquired.

Is The Mechanical Or Quartz Watch Better?

It is not to say that a mechanical or quartz watch is better than the other. Each type of watch serves its purpose and it is really up to the owner as to what works best for them concerning comfort, function, and long-term maintenance.

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