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PCGS Is Offering Rewards For The Retrieval of Five Legendary Coins


Professional Coin Grading Services is now offering five separate $10,000 bounties for five coins which have been missing, bringing the total reward amount to $50,000. Each of the following coins were minted and intended for circulation but for various reasons- ranging from small mintage numbers to disputes in legislation, the coins were not released to the public.

Here is a list along with brief overview of each coin that remains at large:

1964-D Peace Dollar Originally

released between 1921-1935, Peace Dollars were issued without congressional sanction. The high relief design was considered to be impractical, and the design abandoned until 1964 when 45 million coins were authorized to be struck at the Denver Mint. Sadly, plans for circulation were once again abandoned, and the coins were melted down. However, it is believed that a number made it out of the Mint unscathed.

1873-S Seated Dollar

In 1873, the Mint released the final production of the Seated Dollar series. With only 700 coins struck, it has long been believed that none remain. However, there is one report which states one coin survived when the rest were melted down. This report has still yet to be verified but leaves many coin enthusiasts hopeful.

1894-S Barber Dime

The 1894-S Barber Dime is also known as Liberty Head. Designed by Charles E. Barber, only nine remain of the 24 which were minted. There is much speculation surrounding the creation of the Barber dime minted in San Francisco. Some theories include the Mint’s then superintendent had them struck as gifts for bankers; another suggests the books were off by $2.40, and the dimes were struck to offset the balance. No matter the real reason, the dime is now one of the most valuable coins in history.

1841-O $5

Little is known about the 1841 O Coronet Head Half Eagle. Only 50 pieces are recorded to have been produced at the New Orleans Mint, but it is said that theywere all melted down very shortly after that. If one or a few did find their way out of the Mint, the coin(s) will certainly be worth more than the $10,000 reward PCGS is offering.

1849 Templeton Reid $25

With only one known to have ever existed, the 1894 Templeton Reid $25 piece is every collector's dream. This numismatic unicorn was stolen from the Mint in 1858, and now the only traces left of its creation are the engraved illustrations.

Once the coins are inspected and graded by PCGS, the grading service promises to return the coins to their owners along with the $10,000 reward.

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