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Man Hides 75LB Pearl Under Bed For 10 Years


A Filipino fisherman has been hiding what may be the world's largest pearl under his bed for the last ten years. What is considered to be the largest natural pearl in the world, measuring 2 feet by 1 foot, has been left in the care of Filipino officials.

According to reports, the man found the pearl while fishing off the coast of the Palawan island in the western Philippines. Unaware of the regarding' value (at the time of writing, is estimated to be worth $100million USD), he kept it under his bed for the last decade as a good luck charm. There is much speculation as to why the man has placed the pearl in the care of Philippine officials and it is also unclear if the pearl has been officially donated.

Now the new caretakers are asking geologists worldwide for help to certify the pearl. Once the pearl is certified, it will officially take the title of the world’s largest pearl from the previous record holder, a 14 pound pearl which was also found off the coast of Palawan.

Palawan has a long history in regards to pearls and Giant Clams. Not only have the two aforementioned pearls been record holders but the region boasts titles for giant clams as well.

This remarkable find will remain on display for public viewing in Puerto Princesa until further notice.

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