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Five Valuable Coins That Could Be Hiding In Your Change


Coin collectors spend a tremendous amount of time and money searching for that one coin to add to their collection. Sometimes, those sought after valuables are hiding in the spare change housed in coin jars or children’s piggy banks. The coins on this list will prove that paying attention to small details can have a big pay off.

1.2004 Wisconsin State quarter with extra leaf: $300

Since it’s release in 2004, there have been two variations of Wisconsin State quarter.The one in which will get you more than $.25 at a coin show features what appears to be an extra leaf on the ear of corn displayed on the reverse.

2.1995 double die penny: $20-$50

This is not the first time a penny has been double stamped or died. In 1969 and 1972, a similar error occurred, making the IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY, appear blurry. While all the error coins are worth more than their face value, the older sets, 1969 and 1972, are considered to be of higher value.

3.1942-1945 silver nickel: $.56-$12.25

A silver nickel is quite the oxymoron when one stops to think about it but during World War II, the American five cent coin took on a new material when the military needed as much nickel as possible. From 1942-1945, the nickel consisted of 35% silver. While it is still a federal offense to melt down coins or deface currency, some may be quick to consider doing so should they spot one of these nickels in their loose change.

4.In God We Rust 2005 Kansas Quarter: $100

What appears to be the a disgruntled Mint employee acting out is actually quite the contrary; this Dztypodz on the 2005 Kansas Quarter is said to be caused by a grease build up in the machine. This messy mistake may just be the answer to a clean break from a pesky bill.

5.Benjamin Franklin half-dollar: $12-$125

Prior to JFK’s assassination, the American 50 cent piece featured the portrait of the beloved innovator, Benjamin Franklin. Many historians and numismatists find the pairing of the bald eagle and Franklin’s likeness to be a bit comedic considering Franklin was opposed to the bird of prey being the national bird. He himself was in favor of the wild turkey but ultimately lost that battle. Anyone lucky enough to find this duo in their spare change is looking at more than just fifty cents.

The next time one find themselves ready to cash in their share of spare change, it may be worth it to take some time to look through all those coins as there may be one or two rare coins in the mix.

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