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Because We Can


Why did they do it? "Because we can".

This was the one simple reason given by the Royal Canadian Mint as to why they struck a million dollar bullion coin. Not only was it a million dollar coin, it was the first ever.

In 2007, the $1 million CAD was created to help promote the Canadian Mint's new line of 1oz Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins. With many interested buyers and collectors approaching them to purchase the 3,215 troy ounce coin, the Mint decided it was time to produce a few more for limited edition.

Precisely five .99999 pure gold bullion coins with the face value of $1 million CAD were released and purchased by both Canadian and foreign investors.

October 2007, the Guinness World Records certified the coin as the world's largest gold coin, marking another numismatic record globally and one of many for Canada.

The obverse features the portrait, designed by Susanna Blunt, of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the widely recognized maple leaf can be found on the reverse, designed by senior engraver, Stan Witten.

While some may think it to be absurd to create a gold coin so large, many will beg to differ. The Royal Canadian Mint certainly did, and they did simply because they could.

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