Photos: Calling Batman: The Trydent Mantra Watercraft

    Credit: Trydent/Cover Images

    Looking like Batman's water-based getaway vehicle, this is the new Mantra watercraft.

    It has been designed and built in the Philippines by Trydent, who say their $3,499 ride is "akin to a cafe racer vs a motocross or super-bike."

    The company says the vehicle is not meant to compete with conventional jet skis, but rather the "classy, and retro-cool looks appeal to those who appreciate something unique."

    Trydent says the craft is inspired by Philippines being a nation of 7,107 islands, "with a boat building tradition which goes back thousands of years".

    Rather than performing hair-raising spins and stunts, the Mantra is aimed at those who prefer style, and even offer a fishing package option, which will include two rod holders, wing mounted cargo nets.

    Trydent explains: "It is an alternative option for those who live in an area without access to specialist parts or servicing, those who can’t justify the high running costs of owning a PWC (personal watercraft), those who want to simplify, as well as people who just want to stand out from the crowd. It is also designed to be easily customized by the owners should they get the urge. Low speed and stationary stability is another benefit of the design. The trimaran layout provides this, making it easy to get on and off with no issues, plus it makes the Mantra a great fishing platform too"

    Upon launch the Mantra will be available in two hull colors, either Jet Black or Ivory White, with upholstery available in either vintage brown or black. They plan to offer a wider selection of colors in future.

    Mantra will available to order almost worldwide, starting in October 2018, exact date yet to be finalized. Sales will be exclusively through for the launch, with a discounted, launch only starting price of just $3,499 plus shipping for the first orders of the standard Mantra, and $5,499 for the Mantra RS.

    "The craft measures in at 14ft length overall, with 5ft 10in beam, and a 1.5ft draft. We recommend allowing a minimum of 3ft draft for safety. The total dry weight of the Mantra is only 134kg, making it one of the lightest watercraft available."

    The mantra has probably the lowest power to weight ratio of any PWC, but it performs as well as many, with a top speed of over 60 kph+ for the standard model, and 80kph+ for the RS option. Although the Mantra won’t break any records it’s still exciting to ride and a lot of fun, and it’s achieved with less hp than any other personal watercraft. This is done through race inspired hull design, and wings, which allow the Mantra to use far less power than other PWC to achieve its speed.

    "The engine is a very simple Honda GX390 Mega Marine, which produces around 17hp with the modifications to the fuel system and intake, which we make to meet USCG and EU standards. It is an air- cooled single cylinder 390cc engine, with electric start. The standard Mantra has a small 12L (3 gallon) tank, but uses just 1.3 gallons per hour (4.9Lph) making it one of the most fuel efficient watercraft available. The RS model has slightly higher fuel consumption at 1.6gph (6Lph) and a bigger 20L (5gallon) tank."

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