Instagram now lets you share up to 10 pictures per post

SEATTLE (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Does the thought of having to choose that one perfect picture to document a fun night out for Instagram stress you out? Well, now Instagram is allowing its users to share up to 10 pictures or videos in a single post.

Users might find this somewhat familiar, as the capability for "galleries" existed for a while but only for paying advertisers who wanted to show you multiple angles of a car they want to sell you, for example. Also, many users wanted to share more than one picture at once but their followers tend to find it annoying (not to mention that Instagram, like Facebook, works "algorithmically," so the best pictures might not appear in order).

Enterprising users might use this as a way to share a few pictures from a particular event or moment in their life, or string together pictures from Times Square to make a "panorama" like one social media expert did. You'll notice the picture below shows blue/gray dots beneath it indicating there is more to see - and to see more, you can swipe right through the pictures.

To check it out for yourself, update the app inside the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on the type of phone you have). Then, head into Instagram where a new button will appear where you'd normally upload photos from your camera roll allowing you to choose up to 10 pictures or videos. You can then add filters, rearrange the order, and add a single caption to the post before publishing. And you may want to make sure you have a strong data connection since multiple photos and videos can take a while to get into the cloud.

Happy 'gramming!

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