The KOMO Water Cooler with Charlie and Taylor

The KOMO Water Cooler Podcast with Taylor Van Cise and Charlie Harger

This week on the KOMO Watercooler:

Charlie and Taylor see a man about a bridge, and they learn that Siri is essentially useless...but Apple may be about to change that.

Also on the show: scientists say drinking is fun, new data shows that there has been a substantial drop in marijuana trafficking arrests, and kids are learning bad words from books.

Plus, Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner, and Randy Johnson are back at Safeco to play ball against some Seahawks and Sounders...will there be a salami waiting for them in the on-deck circle?

The KOMO Watercooler, a weekly podcast with Charlie Harger and Taylor Van Cise.

You can listen to the PodCast by clicking the photo above or download and listen here.

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