Vet “pedals” anti-suicide message using two wheels and a backpack

Eli Smith (Photo: KOMO Newsradio)

REDMOND, Wash. -- Eli Smith is taking his message across the country with only a bicycle and a backpack. The veteran says you witness a lot when you serve.

“I was a tank gunner,” Smith tells KOMO. “Best job I ever had.”

Yet Smith considers himself among the “lucky” ones.

“I don’t have PTSD myself, but the reason I started this journey was that I lost a couple of brothers I served with to suicide from PTSD,” Smith says.

Smith is currently on his third cross-country tour as part of a movement called the "4 Corners Hike." On this trip, as well as the two previous trips, he meets with other veterans and shares the resources, and the love he has.

He's walked across the country twice since 2015. At age 38, his back isn't as strong, so he's riding a bike for his third trek...a journey he's already a thousand miles into.

Click the photo above to hear the full story. You can also follow along with Eli's story at his Facebook page.

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