Kids spend summer vacation helping local tech start-ups

KOMO News photo

SEATTLE - Before students headed back to class this week, some of them spent the summer making a HUGE impact on local start-ups - and probably didn't even realize it.

And they did it while visiting Pacific Science Center, where Curio Interactive’s Barry Boone has helped create a workspace.

“We take their (kids') hand-drawn art and we bring it into the computer and make it interactive,” says Curio’s Barry Boone. “They can fly butterflies around on the screen and take X-rays of their drawings.”

“I don’t know that we knew what to expect, but we were very open to the possibilities,” says Curio’s Jen Prim.

This kid-friendly research and development is happening in a new area of the Science Center known as The Hive.

“Currently we have Curio, and we have another start-up in residence called Hyperspace over in Building 4,” explains Delany Berreth, spokesperson for Pacific Science Center. "Guests can come one day and check out what Curio is doing, then come back another week and see what’s changed.”

And as you’re likely aware

“No one will give you more honest feedback than a kid,” Prim tells KOMO News.

Click on the photo above to hear the entire story about how Curio Interactive has changed much of their project, because of the feedback being offered by kids visiting Pacific Science Center.

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