Could Washington soon have its own Redwood Forest?

Phillip Stielstra

SEATTLE, Wash. -- As he retired from Boeing, Phillip Stielstra kept busy by taking an interest in trees. He volunteered with Seattle's "Tree Ambassador" program when it first began in 2012.

“I essentially helped design a couple of ‘Tree Walks,’” Steilstra tells KOMO News. “And did some educational work around trees.”

You could say the tree bug bit. Call him the Lorax if you wish, but Phillip really does speak for the trees.

At least, certain kinds of trees.

He became acquainted with the group "Archangel Ancient Tree Archive," and started following their success in cloning old Sequoias and Redwoods.

“By getting the cuttings and propagating those cuttings into new trees, those new trees have the same DNA as the 1000 to 3000 year old trees they did the cutting from,” he says.

...which is where the idea was born. What if we took some of those cuttings, and planted a new Redwood forest here?

It’s now more than an idea; it’s a mission. Click on the photo above to hear the full story, and send Phillip an email at if you’re interested in giving-up some property, or helping buy some land, for the new Redwood forest.

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