Trump won't sign deal without border wall funding, government nears shutdown

Trump won't sign deal without border wall funding, prompting government shutdown. (Photo: ABC7)

It became a startling reality during the Obama administration and now the third federal government shutdown since President Trump took office could be hours away.

A quarter of the government will run out of cash and will close at midnight on Saturday unless Congress and the White House reach an agreement.

Now in an 11th hour move, the Republican-lead House approved a spending package on Thursday night that did include $5.7 billion for a U.S.-Mexico wall, but will more than likely be rejected by the Senate.

So if there is a shut down, what really shuts down? To start, nine federal departments and dozens of agencies will be forced to close their doors.

State and local farm service centers and national parks would either close or have limited access. More than 30 million small businesses cut off from federally assisted loans.

And of course, some 420,000 federal workers would be forced to work without pay, while another 380,000 would be furloughed.

Even though this would be a Christmas shutdown, we don't have to cancel Christmas.

The postal service, airports and shopping malls will not be affected.

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