Preschooler wrote own obituary before dying of rare cancer

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VAN METER, Iowa (WZTV) - A preschooler wrote his own obituary before dying of a rare cancer.

Garrett Matthias, only 5, died from a rare form of pediatric cancer last week.

Doctors told the Matthias family that little Garrett's cancer was terminal, but said his death came sooner than expected.

"We never necessarily talked about his funeral so we never had the conversation with him that he was going to die but we had a lot of conversations around, 'when I die I want to do this,'" Emilie Matthias said.

Garrett, a superhero fan, a lover of thrash metal music -- and perhaps better known as “Great Garrett Underpants” was not a typical kid.

His obituary was a reflection of that -- an autobiography in which he detailed all the things he loved, and some that he didn’t – like “pants, dirty stupid cancer, when they access my port, needles.”

Even Garrett requested some last wishes - including not having a traditional funeral because "those are sad."

Instead, the preschooler wants a party with five bounce houses, a visit from Batman, snow cones and an Asgardian funeral from his favorite movie Thor.

Garrett is being laid to rest Saturday with a symbolic burial and fireworks at sunset.

Donations to the family can be made here.

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