Exclusive: President Trump discusses his efforts to neutralize North Korea and Iran

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I spoke to President Trump about his work to neutralize the threat from North Korea and Iran. Here’s what the president told me in our exclusive one-on-one interview:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Look at North Korea as an example. When I came in prior to coming in, they were almost ready to go to war between our country and North Korea. We get along very well now. You could say speed, but I never have—I don't have a timetable. We have the sanctions on, but we've gotten our hostages back. They're not testing nuclear, they’re not testing rockets or missiles and we're doing very well.

We have a very good relationship and you know, I don't even talk in terms of speed, you know, if you don't comes up with speed, right? The fake news. They'd been working on this for 75 years with me. I left, I left three months ago when they're talking about speed, we're doing a lot of speed. So it's really it's really coming along well.

BORIS: Kim Jong-un actually just said to Moon Jae-in the South Korean President that he's very thankful for the summit and thinks it's the relationship has stabilized in the Korean Peninsula because of your efforts.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And they want to have another one and now they're bidding on the Olympics together, which is a good thing and there's a real feeling of something happening and that's a great thing and nobody else was going to do that.

That's one of many, many things. Look at the Iran deal. We dropped the Iran deal. That was one of the worst deals I've ever seen negotiated. We gave him $150 billion so we dropped the Iran deal and now that country is falling apart and maybe we'll make a new deal, but it's going to be a better deal. But Iran ran is falling apart. So, when I first came in, it was a question of when will ran take over the entire Middle East. Now they just want to survive.

Here’s the Bottom Line: the president has made a lot of progress on brining North Korea to the negotiating table and weakening Iran. Let’s hope that the forward move continues on both fronts.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations

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