Woman attacked by dogs near SoDo encampment, blames city council

Woman attacked by dog in SoDo (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- Leslie Shelton and her Great Dane, Lili, were allegedly attacked by three dogs while walking near an RV encampment early Friday morning in Seattle’s SoDo industrial area.

"They started fighting and started biting her...she was completely helpless and that other dog, just keep coming back and biting me just biting me," Shelton said.

Both Shelton and Lili, the mascot for the SoDo Dog Food Company Shelton founded, have deep puncture wounds. An orthopedic surgery also had to put Shelton's finger back together.

Two of the dogs accused of the attack were confiscated by Animal Control and will be held in quarantine for 10 days while police investigate.

While angry at the dogs' owner, Shelton lays the blame at the feet of the city council and its tolerance to an RV camp that has existed on the streets of her business off and on for years.

"The city council won't allow police to enforce the laws. They are allowed to pee, they are allowed to throw their garbage, they are allowed to shoot up...we watch drug deals go down every single day, the prostitution is unbelievable, you won't believe the amount of girls going back and forth," Shelton said.

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"I am sick and tired of the entire city council, they do nothing. All they are worried about is not pissing somebody off," Shelton said.

Police did not arrest the owner of the three dogs, but they threatened to arrest Shelton's husband after he says he ran out of the business and pointed a handgun at the dogs.

Police later told the husband that he will not be arrested for brandishing a handgun during the melee.

The alleged owners of the dog, who returned to an RV parked in front of Shelton’s business, did not want to speak about the incident, but witnesses told KOMO News that Shelton's husband aimed his gun at her and others.

The city has scheduled a removal of the RVs starting October 3. It won't be the first time there's been an RV sweep at the location. In the past, they have returned just a few days later.

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