Woman arrested, accused of stealing from cars at school shooting

People hurry toward Freeman High School in Rockford, Wash., Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. Parents rushed to the area after a deadly shooting at the school. (AP Photo/Nicholas K. Geranios)

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - A woman who is accused of prowling through cars as parents searched for their children after the Freeman High School shooting has been arrested.

The Spokesman-Review reported Monday that Spokane County Sheriff's Office detectives arrested 33-year-old Nicole D. Jensen and are searching for a second suspect.

Investigators say the case turned egregious when a parent of the school reported that her purse had been stolen and $36,000 in fraudulent charges had been made.

Jensen is jailed on charges of theft, forgery and possession of stolen property. She also had a warrant for an older trespassing crime in Airway Heights.

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