Beloved cat shot with an arrow, Lake Stevens family wonders who did it


LAKE STEVENS, Wash. - A Lake Stevens family is in shock after someone shot their beloved pet cat with an arrow - twice.

Hunter Moon, a long-haired black-and-white cat, now is in recovery after undergoing surgery for his wounds. His owners, meanwhile, can't understand how anyone could be so heartless as to shoot a defenseless animal.

"Hunter is an amazing cat. He’s extremely affectionate. He loves his family. He is much like a dog and takes long walks with us," his owner, Tina Olson-Mercer, wrote in a local blog. "We love him so much and are sickened that anyone could purposely hurt this sweet animal! ... This has been an unfortunate, traumatic experience for our family."

The blog post says that Hunter came limping home Tuesday with a long arrow protruding from his left hind leg.

His family rushed him to Veterinary Specialty of Seattle in Lynnwood, where they learned that Hunter also had been shot in the right hind leg.

"Apparently he was shot, arrow removed, and shot again leaving the arrow impaled in his left hind leg," Tina wrote. "It is amazing that he made it home. We feel very lucky that we were able to get him the help he needs."

Hunter's family hopes he will be coming home from the vet soon - and that they will be able to afford the vet bill.

And they hope the person who shot Hunter is caught before they can hurt another defenseless creature.

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