'We need our water to be clean:' Carbonado residents frustrated with boil water order

The 650 residents in the Pierce County town of Carbonado should know by Thursday if their city water is safe to drink after a boil water order due to a water main break on Monday. (Photo: KOMO News)

CARDONADO, Wash. -- The 650 residents in the Pierce County town of Carbonado are being told they can safely drink their water again -- three days after a boil water notice was issued following a crack in the city's water main.

“It’s getting to be a little irritating because you don’t know,” Greg Whitten said while the boil water order was in effect. “We have animals we have to boil water for. You don’t know if you should be brushing your teeth with the water or showering in it.”

The water warning issued Monday was the second water boil advisory in the last eight days in Carbonado. The city says crews replacing an aging water main cracked the pipe during the back fill.

“Having the water go out, and back on, then back out again has been disconcerting,” said Whitten. “You wonder just what’s going on.”

Daillene Argo, who is the town clerk in Carbonado, said the water main could break up to three more times, since they are in phase one of the city’s water main replacement project.

The aging main is vulnerable because the new main is being built right next to the old one that’s still in use.

“Ya know - it’s progress,” said Argo.

This water boil advisory is the third since 2016. Residents hope it will be the last. But, Argo said progress doesn’t always come without a little pain.

“We need our water to be clean,” said Whitten.

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