Bizarre uproar at Subway store ends with police chase, crash, power outage

Crews work to replace a sheared-off power pole damaged after a suspect's truck crashed into it. (KOMO photo)

EDMONDS, Wash. - A bizarre incident that began with two suspects threatening a sandwich clerk at an Edmonds Subway store ended after police chased the suspects' truck into Shoreline and the suspects crashed into a utility pole, knocking out power to more than 1,200 customers, police said.

The drama began at about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday when police received a frantic call from the clerk at a Subway outlet at 238th Street SW and Highway 99 in Edmonds, said Shane Hawley of the Edmonds police.

The clerk was screaming into the phone and officers were unsure what was going, but it sounded bad.

Two officers responded and as they were walking in the store, a black truck went speeding out of the parking lot from in front of the store.

The clerk, who had been robbed just the week before, was frantic. All police could get from her was that two suspects had "jumped the counter."

Another arriving officer found the suspects' black truck, which turned off the highway when the suspects saw him. The officer caught up to the truck on 76th Avenue West and tried to pull it over, but the truck headed south into Shoreline, Hawley said.

After about a mile and a half, the truck crashed into the power pole near Meridian Avenue North and North 185th Street in Shoreline. The truck was only going about 20 mph when it crashed into the pole, but it still hit with enough force to shear off the pole at its base, knocking out power to 1,213 Seattle City Light customers in the Shoreline area.

The suspect who was driving the truck was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of eluding a police vehicle. He also had a $35,000 warrant for a domestic violence charge, Hawley said.

The suspect's female passenger was booked on suspicion of threatening the Subway clerk.

Apparently, it turns out that the two suspects were upset with how the clerk was making their sandwich and wanted some ingredient the store was out of. So they knocked down the counter's glass partition, grabbed the sandwich from the clerk and fled without paying, surveillance video shows - sparking the whole incident.

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