Two suspects in shooting outside Graham high school appear in court

Two suspects in shooting outside Graham-Kapowsin High School appear in court. (KOMO News) 

GRAHAM, Wash. -- An altercation between two girls reportedly led up to the shooting at Graham-Kapowsin High School on Tuesday, where two students were wounded. They were shot waiting to watch a planned fight between boys after school.

Court documents said that planned fight never happened. Instead shots were fired into the crowd of students that had gathered for the fight. The scene was chaotic as the two wounded students were able to make it from the off-campus site, where a fight was supposed to take place, to back on campus and then rushed to the hospital.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office said dash camera video shows the suspect car leaving the scene. That car and other tips led to the arrest of two of three suspects.

Court papers said a 17-year-old suspect who appeared in juvenile court Wednesday is the one who called for the fight. We are not naming him because he is a minor.

Investigators said his girlfriend got into an altercation with another girl in the school cafeteria Monday. That other girl's male friend reportedly told the suspect, "You need to get control of your girl." Later, that suspect reportedly told the student, "It's all bad for you tomorrow."

A second suspect who appeared in juvenile court Wednesday allegedly joined up with the first suspect. Both sides gathered just off campus Tuesday, but the student declined to fight and they exchanged insults.

The suspect and two other drove away in a hurry and shots rang out from the passenger's seat. Investigators released a photo of the 3rd suspect they said is the one who fired the shots as they drove away hitting two students who were there to watch.

"The message here is if you're going to go to a fight in today's climate the possibility of yourself getting shot exists. Because when somebody fires bullets from a gun they continue to move until they hit something or somebody. In this particular case they hit two people," Pierce County Sheriff's detective Ed Troyer said.

The two suspects in juvenile custody will stay there until it's decided whether they'll be bumped up to adult status. At this point, the prosecutor said there is no gang connection that they know of.

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