'That’s all I have': Seattle mom devastated after thief steals daughter's urn, ultrasound

The table shows where items were stolen from at Michelle Seeley's home (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- A North Seattle mother is devastated after a burglar stole an urn filled with her daughter’s ashes from her home.

Michelle Seeley lost her third child and only daughter, Ella, during her pregnancy eight years ago.

Ella was stillborn, and Michelle was heartbroken.

“It was a completely devastating experience,” Seeley said. “It completely and utterly changed my life. It took my world and burned it to ashes.”

Now, new loss has reopened old wounds.

Someone broke into her home in broad daylight Monday while Seeley and her husband Peter were at work.

The thieves stole around $5,000 worth of stuff, including jewelry, passports and a camera.

But the only lost item the family really cares about is the urn. It was stolen along with several ultrasounds.

“I mean that’s all I have of my daughter, is that urn and those ashes,” Seeley said. “I’d just love to have that back if at all possible.”

The urn is hand-carved from light color hardwood and is shaped like an old fashioned top. It has a label glued to the bottom that says “baby Parent.”

Inside is a bag of ashes.

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