Study: Seattleites will spend over $125,000 in their lifetime commuting

Seattle traffic congestion (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- For many around Seattle, long commutes are just a daily facet of life. But have you ever wondered how much time you've spent stuck in traffic, and how much it's cost?

A study by found the number is well into six digits.

In Seattle, the typical commuter will drive 18 miles round trip to and from work. The study took the broad assumption that if you started full time work at 18 and retired at 63, you would have commuted 202,500 miles in your lifetime -- or enough to drive around the Earth 7 times!

In an overall average, factoring in gas, insurance and maintenance costs, that works out to about $128,592 in cost over your lifetime in today's dollars. It's a little less if you have a sedan ($123,120) and a bit more if you drive an SUV ($156,353).

The study found Atlanta had the highest costs at $175,104 with Houston and Dallas coming in second and third.

New York City didn't even make the top 40, thanks to extensive public transit options.

Stockton, California had the lowest commuting cost at $105,750 a year.

If you want to calculate your own personal estimated costs, the study assumed 11,250 working days over a career and a cost of 60.8 cents per mile for an average sedan.

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