Survey finds Sea-Tac is one of worst U.S. airports; 2nd study says it's one of best

    Sea-Tac Airport (KOMO Photo)

    A new survey released Thursday ranks Sea-Tac among the worst airports in the country - just days after a different survey ranked it as one of the best.

    The experts at "The Points Guy" travel website looked at several factors in ranking Sea-Tac in the bottom tier of U.S. airports, but in essence the report was focused on accessibility and on-time flights.

    Oregon's Portland International Airport scored very well, ranking third in the country. But Sea-Tac was all the way down at No. 21 - ranking in the bottom tier and lower than last year's ranking, according to The Points Guy.

    “While (Sea-Tac) did a little bit worse when it came to delays, other airports in the nation are doing significantly better,” says The Points Guy spokesperson Julian Kheel.

    The website's ranking wasn’t just about being on time. Kheel says Sea-Tac Airport isn’t very accessible, citing a higher cost of getting to the airport. Sea-Tac also has the second-highest parking costs of any airport in the country, the study found.

    "The report findings were derived from a strategic methodological study based on factors like on-time statistics, to the cost of an Uber to get there, to the number of restaurants versus the number of passengers, and much more," says a summary of the report.

    Ironically, Sea-Tac was just ranked as the second-best airport in the country last month in a different survey conducted by travel booking website Orbitz.

    Orbitz says Sea-Tac scored well for flight reliability, with the fewest canceled flights in the nation. Sea-Tac also has the fastest wi-fi connection speed of all the airports surveyed, Orbitz found.

    The Points Guy survey ranked Phoenix as the nation's best airport, while Orbitz ranked Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport as No. 1.

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