Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre back open after threat

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SEATTLE, Wash. -- The show must go on. Sunday evening’s performance of “Annie” was back on at Seattle’s landmark 5th Avenue Theatre. This comes after a dangerous security threat canceled Sunday’s matinee.

Seattle Police say they arrested a man at his home in Shoreline on an unrelated related warrant.

According to police, a former employee of The 5th Avenue made a very serious threat over Facebook.

“He did indicate some mass shooting type stuff on the website,” said Deputy Chief Marc Garth Green, who is with the Seattle Police Department.

Sunday at The 5th Avenue there was an increased police presence as a long line of people wrapped around the building waiting to see the performance.

The matinee was a similar start – the show sold out to 2000 people – many who had arrived at the theatre to be told the show would not gone on.

“Out of safety for our company and our patrons we decided to cancel the matinee,” said Bernie Griffin who is the managing director at The 5th Avenue Theatre.

The threat created fear among theatre staff so management made the decision to cancel the show.

That meant no performance for Sarah Bennett who plays an orphan in the production.

“I wasn’t really scared at the time,” said Bennett who plays an orphan named Kate. “I was just kind of bummed.”

And so was Sarah’s mom, but she was also concerned. So on Sunday evening, along with other parents, she chose to attend the play, which she normally does just a couple of days a week during the production’s run.

“Really, you’re threatening The 5th with Annie,” said Chari Bennett who is Sarah’s Mom. “That seems bizarre.”

But in the end many folks were happy The 5th Avenue chose safety over a performance.

“We are really grateful to them,” said Bennett.

The investigation continues into the threat.

The 5th Avenue says they plan to have increased security through run of show, which will wrap up at the end of the month.

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