S. Seattle pizza shop owner says he's never had problems like this after bear mace attack

Seattle police need help identifying a woman involved in a bear mace attack. (KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- Employees at a small pizza place in South Seattle want to know why someone would attack them with bear spray, twice.

People who live and shop around Rainier Avenue South can't believe what they're seeing in the surveillance video of one of the incidents. It was taken inside the pizza place May 11.

A woman walks into the restaurant, looks around and then walks back outside.

She returns with a can of bear mace in hand. There's a man with her with a toddler.

Police say the woman began shouting at employees and sprayed five staff members.

"It's awful," Ben Gist, who lives nearby said.

Reed Dunn lives up the street from where the incident happened.

"I don't even know why someone would do that. It seems really crazy," Dunn said. " I actually get pizza from this place. It's a great neighborhood establishment...this area has a history of not being great."

First responders treated the restaurant workers. Employees say they shut down the business for the day.

Staff had to throw out all the food, sauces and condiments and do a deep cleaning because of all the bear mace sprayed.

At businesses next door, workers tell KOMO News they saw the employees leaving the restaurant, some of them were sitting on the curb distraught with tears in their eyes.

Four days later on May 15, police say a second woman walked into the restaurant carrying a can of bear mace. She threatened employees but police arrested her. That woman faces charges of witness intimidation.

KOMO News talked to the business owner of the pizza place on the phone. In all the years he's worked there and owned the place, he's never had any problems like this one.

He doesn't know why anyone would attack his business and he hopes that the public can help police catch the person who did it.

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