Seattle City Council to take first vote in considering waterfront "LID" tax

Seattle's waterfront (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- On the heels of Seattle passing a controversial "head" tax on big business, the city council will look at another one Monday, which could be a double whammy for some business owners.

This tax inside a local improvement district -- or "LID" for short -- would assess and tax 6,900 properties in certain neighborhoods along the waterfront. It would raise $200 million for creating more parks and a promenade along Seattle's waterfront after the Alaskan Way Viaduct comes down.

Nine out of 10 who would pay the tax are commercial property owners, but the rest who would pay are people who live along the waterfront.

The waterfront project would create an elaborate web of walkways and people movers, connecting Pike Place Market and other areas on top of the hill down to the waterfront.

The city says that the people paying are those will benefit from it, but not all agree.

"The truth is, I made a living, but I didn't make any money," said retired teacher Kel Wilson. "There's a difference."

The city council is now taking the first step Monday with an expected vote on whether to consider the tax. If it passes, they'll take public comment over the summer before a final vote scheduled for September.

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